And So the Adventure Begins..

Six months ago I packed my life into one sole backpack, left my zone of comfort and travelled to the other side of the world. I did it all for one reason – F.O.M.O!

Let’s talk about F.O.M.O or “a fear of missing out”. No, I’m not talking about being left out from what your friends are doing or not being able to attend the biggest party of the year. I’m talking about missing out on what this incredible World has to offer. An offer that’s beyond what any of us could imagine. I know I’m only 25 years old and “I’ve got plenty of time to travel,” but how can anyone guarantee how much time we all have?

Life’s too short not to explore!

So yes I had F.O.M.O, but you know what? As scary as it was to leave everything I knew behind, it frightened me more to think what I could be missing out on. And with that in mind, my dreams became reality, as my best friend and I began planning the trip of a lifetime.

So for the next 10 weeks (or more) come on a journey with us and maybe we’ll inspire you to conquer the fear too…

Lisa Jane.

4 thoughts on “And So the Adventure Begins..

  1. Excellent Lisa! We’ll thoroughly enjoy following your travels. I notice that you left off the R on your name. Is that deliberate or accidental? It struck a chord with me because whenever I sign my name in a hurry, usually on pharmaceutical statements, I nearly always end up with the r almost non existent.
    We hope you have a safe and good time with your parents in France. We hadn’t realised you were going so much further as well. I suppose we’ll meet Fiona in photos then. Lots of love, G. Betty


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