“See You in Paris!”

“See you in Paris!”
“See you in Paris!”

Those were the last words Mum and I called out when we said our goodbyes in Melbourne. What an amazing thing to be able to say to someone. I’m so lucky! Not only to have the opportunity to travel but to be able to do so with my Parents by my side. So as I left London (at an incredibly early hour) I couldn’t figure out what I was more excited about – the beginning of my European adventure or that I would soon be in my Parent’s company.

Bonjour Papa!” Dad was the first to be spotted. How could I miss him waiting for me directly at the top of the metro escalator? There were quick hugs all round and then we were straight into it!

Much to my sadness, the hunchback was no where to be seen as we visited Notre Dame. A long wait to climb the towers, but well worth it for the incredible 360 views of Paris (and the free cardio/glute workout). There’s something about spotting the Eiffel Tower in the Paris skyline that literally makes me smile every time. I can’t figure out exactly what but I know I’ll never get sick of that view!



“That’s so French,” was the phrase of the evening as we wandered the streets towards dinner. It was just little things like the flower pots in the window sill, the red and white checked table cloth, shop windows lined with fresh pastries and my favourite – the cute little old lady wearing her beret` and carrying her bag of baguettes. Yes we definitely had made it to France! And I was in love! I think I could just sit myself in a French cafe` all day while I watch the people and listen to their beautiful language.


Speaking of language – I’ve decided to give it a go! Not just here, but everywhere we travel. Learn a few phrases, try it on the locals, let them laugh and correct me! So on that note as we jump on the train and head south to Provence, I’ll say Merci and Au Revoir to Paris.

Lisa Jane.

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