Is this Real Life?

Is this real life? Because I feel like I’m walking through a movie set! I have only ever dreamed of setting foot in a place like this. But let’s just back up a little bit – I should explain where this dream land is…

Beaumes de Venise.


This is where we’re currently located. Beaumes de Venise en Provence. A beautiful little commune located in the South East of France. The village is renowned for the production of the sweet wine Muscat Beaumes de Venise – a beverage we’ve already tried, tested and approved!


We spent the majority of yesterday travelling via train and car, where the Falcon was out in fine form! “But who is the Falcon?” I hear some of you say. Well, let me introduce you…


The Falcon

This fine specimen here is The Falcon. A rare but truly incredible kind. He’s also known as Malcolm. Or simply, my Dad! The Falcon (or ‘The Falc’ for short) was given his title in 2011 after zooming through Irish streets at a speed far beyond that expected of a tourist. And of course, Falcon conveniently rhymes with Malcolm.

SO! Yes, the Falcon was in fine form as he enjoyed driving at speeds of 130km/hr on the motorways from Lyon to Beaumes de Venise. Meanwhile, the women of the vehicle gripped stressfully to their seats, as they encountered the nerves that come with left hand driving. But I’ve gotta take my hat off to The Falc! He did a top job and got us there safe and sound.

And Thank God he did! Because as Borat put it: “Wah Wah Woo Wah!” This century old farmhouse was absolute perfection! A three-level stone built fortress, accompanied with a swimming pool and topped with green window shutters. And so the movie set feelings began…


This feeling continued as we started the morning by walking into the village to buy fresh baguettes, listened to church bells echo against the stone walls and trekked through vineyards to reach historic ruins.



How could this possibly be real? Everything is too perfect! I wonder how tomorrow’s movie will play out…

Lisa Jane.

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