San Juan Festival

“Oh you guys have come to Barcelona at the best time! San Juan begins tomorrow night!”

“San what?” Was our response to the hostel staff’s comment.

“San Juan. It’s basically like a massive beach party to celebrate the longest the day of the year; the summer solstice.”

And one massive beach party it was!

There’s nothing better then booking a holiday and unintentionally planning it around an event like San Juan. The only question was – what were we going to do to celebrate this event?

After a slow morning stroll through the fresh fruit and seafood markets (and devouring the most amazing Spanish omelette) we were off to the beach! How nice it was to lay on the beach and feel the sun on my skin – something I’ve seriously missed after not having a summer for a year and a half.


Within 30 minutes of laying on the beach we had our night planned out for us! A 2 hour boat cruise set with a DJ and sangria sounded like the perfect way to see Barcelona’s biggest party from the sea.

The sun was out, the wind was in our hair and the tunes had us dancing all evening. We couldn’t wipe the smiles off of our faces.



As we arrived back to the shore the crowds slowly started coming…and coming…and coming. Seas of people filled the beach of Barcelona as the sun began to set. And that’s when the fun began…

BANG! The sound of fireworks had begun.

BANG! BANG! But this was no fireworks display like we were used to back in Australia. We were about to witness a mine field of various fireworks, primarily set off by young children. Our main goal for the night: DO NOT get hit by a stray firework!!


The atmosphere was incredible. A festival that portrayed the Spanish lifestyle perfectly – laid back and fun! I think I was going to like our time in Spain.

And for the record – we made it home safe! Firework injury free!

Lisa Jane.

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