Barcelona has officially qualified in making my list of happy places. The beautiful weather, the fresh food, the friendly locals and the stunning Gothic architecture – what’s not to love?! A city that has a constant vibe for fun and relaxation, Barcelona was the perfect place to kick off our girls trip! The atmosphere immediately had me feeling so carefree; an emotion I appreciated feeling when having some initial travel troubles…


When searching for your new hotel/hostel do not simply enter the name of the facility into Google maps. I would highly recommend confirming the exact address at the risk that said hotel/hostel is part of a chain.

I learnt this lesson the hard way.

After a long hot walk with pack on back I was relieved to finally arrive at what I thought was my hostel….I was incorrect! Like I said, lucky I had that carefree vibe running through my body. I accepted it, said “Gracias and Adios!” and was on my way to the correct location.

For our stay in Barcelona we had three things on the list:

1. Visit La Boqueria Mercado
La Boqueria has been titled as one of the World’s best markets and I could certainly see why! Busy street stalls were packed with freshly prepared fruit cups, smoothies, cured meats, cheeses and our favourite – fresh seafood!


We would sit ourselves up at the small stalls and watch the chef’s select from a display of seafood as they prepared our choice meals. It was the most delicious seafood I’ve  ever eaten!

2. Relax at Barcelona Beach
When picturing our holiday to Barcelona this is all I envisioned. Having always been a beach babe from early days, the ocean was what I had missed most about my long winter. There’s nothing better than diving into clear blue waters and floating in absolute bliss. Each day involved hours spent at the beach eating fruit from the markets, relaxing in the sun and diving through the water to cool off.


The only down side:

“Mohitos! Fresh mohitos!”
“Body shawl miss?”

When being pestered on the beach to purchase items- pretend you’re asleep! They’ll still attempt to ask you but only once before moving onto their next potential customers.

3. La Sagrada Familia
This was our one tourist attraction on the list for Barcelona. And thank goodness it was! Here’s something you may not know about me (unless you’ve travelled with me before): I LOVE visiting a good church! I’m all about it. Nothing fascinates me more than the structural design of these long standing religious sights. I just find them beautiful. However now that I have witnessed La Sagrada Familia nothing will compare!


With querky decorative features and intricate detailed sculptures outlining the exterior, La Sagrada Familia was like nothing I had seen before. What fascinates me most is that despite construction beginning in the 1800’s under the architectural design of Gaudi, the church is not expected to be completed until the year 2026!!


Every sculpture, leadlight and engraving had its own meaning. You could spend hours both inside and outside learning about each fine detail and the reasoning behind it. Its beauty was overwhelming. These photos don’t do the place justice but for all those who plan to visit Barcelona, let me provide you with my final travel tip.


Go to La Sagrada Familia!!
Book your tickets in advance, preferably for a morning slot.
Take your time there. Soak it in. And enjoy the beauty.

Barcelona you were everything I wanted and more. Next stop Granada!

Lisa Jane.

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