​Seville (pronounced Seh-vee-ya…of course) in ONE day!

If we were going to Granada then we had to visit Seville. A friend had told us it was a must, but being short on time we decided to turn it into a day trip. Here’s how our day panned out…


Alarm rings!

Bus trip from Granada to Seville.

Arrive at Oasis Backpackers Hostel (spoiler alert: nominated our favourite hostel yet).

Pass out on the hostel couches in an attempt to regain lost sleep.

Yoga on the rooftop! (Well I did..Fi remained fast asleep beside the class)

Not a bad way to wake up the body and stretch out after a long bus trip.

Begin Seville walking tour.

We had no clue that Seville had SO much history. Let me give you the facts:

1. The Gothic Cathedral is the third largest church in the world and is the burial sight for Christopher Columbus.

2. The University of Seville was previously the Royal Tobacco Factory, which was where the title character of Bizet’s opera Carmen worked as a cigarerra.

3. Seville is the home of Flamenco dancing; a traditional Spanish dance involving the four elements of voice, dance, guitar and Jaleo (hand clapping, foot stomping, shouting etc.)

4. The (amazing) Plaza de Espana was used as the film location for planet Naboo’s Theed Palace in Star Wars Episode ll: Attack of the Clones and the Alcazar castle was used as the Kingdom of Dorne in Game of Thrones.


Finally get to sit down for lunch; a fresh homemade salad!


Enjoy dipping in the rooftop pool, ordering Sangria’s and making friends.


Head out to dinner with said new friends and continue to enjoy the Spanish tradition of Tapas.

Watch our new friends try and navigate us to the best ice cream store in town without a map. They didn’t disappoint! 2 scoops of chocolate hazelnut and caramel ice cream later… food coma!

The dancing begins!

Fiona and I literally danced all night at the local Spanish bars as we attempted to blend in with the locals and their Reggaton music. I’ve now learnt that Spanish dancing (or should I say our interpretation of Spanish dancing) creates a fantastic ab workout!!

Arrive back at the hostel in shock after we realise we’ve been up for over 24 hours. How could it be that we had only been here for one day. It felt like we had achieved so much!

Thank goodness we included Seville in our journey. If only we had more time…
Lisa Jane.

One thought on “Seville

  1. All that physio & dancing being put to great use both together! I’m grateful when the physio I am getting allows me to walk in and out of the building a bit easier each time I visit…I bet you sleep well after all that exercise.
    Love from Grandma F.


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