Zarautz Surf Camp

​”This camp could go either way – it all depends of the people in our group,” I said to Fiona as we made our way to the Stoke Travel Zarautz surf camp.

As we walked onto the small hilltop campsite we were greeted by a friendly bunch of keen surfers, amazing staff and a freshly made Sangria – yep, we were going to love our time here! Especially because we were also reunited with Kali, our close friend from London who attacked us with loving cuddles, as we excitedly caught up on the last few weeks of travel news. It was so good to see her again!

Surf camp simply consisted of morning surf lessons, relaxing on the beach, camp site hangs with music and friends, pub crawls in San Sebastian and relaxing while watching the sun set. The perfect combination for a fun and relaxing trip!

I wouldn’t say we became pro surfers but boy we had fun trying! Large strong waves made for a fun time tumbling about in the water – it was great to be back in the surf. It felt just like home.

Lisa Jane.

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