Sintra, Portugal

​Imagine you’re a princess (sorry boys) and you’re walking through a real life fairytale. You have your very own Palace, surrounded by the most beautiful, lush green gardens. A place where you could read a book on the most extravagant benches while you bathe in the sun, explore caves which lead towards the tallest of wells and cross creeks as you tip toe past waterfalls on stepping stones.

Yesterday we lived this fairytale as we explored Quinta da Regaleira; a 19th century Palace surrounded by luxurious gardens. Our small tour group spent the morning exploring the romantic scenery that surrounded the palace, as we climbed princess towers and spotted spiders in the grottos. A truly beautiful place.

Stepping out of the fairytale and back into real life, we piled into our van and drove towards Cabo da Roca; the end of the World. Or at least this is what the Romans believed to be the end of the World many many years ago before anyone sailed from the shores of Lisbon. Standing along the cliff edge it’s unsurprising that they had these beliefs. Vast emptiness of ocean stretch to meet the blue skies. What a feeling to stand on the edge of the Europe’s most western point. Not to mention it’s windiest! Or what I believe has to be the windiest – how can the wind possibly be any stronger than what i felt that day!? I’ll let the photo below explain…

What an amazing day in Sintra!
Lisa Jane.

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