A dream.
I must be in a dream! I had always wanted to come to the Italian coast and here I was. Picture perfect. Exactly how I had imagine it – but better!

Fiona and I arrived at our new hotel in the small town of Vico Equense; a cliff top village about 10 minutes from Sorrento. We were glad to be away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist town near by and wasting no time we headed straight to the beach. It was a completely different feel to our Australian beaches back home. Private beach companies set up on small coves charged entry, as well as added fees for sunbeds. Luckily for us our hotel allowed us free entry!
We spent a good 20 minutes just floating on water beds discussing how grateful we were for our holiday. I really do consider myself so lucky to have these opportunities. I mean – just look at where I am!? As I floated in crystal blue water I looked up at the cute little houses positioned on the cliffs. This place is amazing!
Using Vico Equense as our base, we decided to explore a new coastal town each day. First up was the famous town of Amalfi.
The 2 hour bus trip to Amalfi was exciting in itself! As well as the stunning coastal views, we were also entertained by the horrendously close calls with cars and buses passing by. It was a slow trip to say the least, as buses would squeeze past each other on one way streets, just inches away from touching. Note to Mum: don’t let Dad ever get on these roads! The small streets of France don’t even come close to what we experienced today – not to mention the cliff edge on one side of the road!
After finally arriving in Amalfi (safe and sound!), we explored the stunning 13th century church of St Andrew. Then it was time to begin our hike along the Valle Delle Ferriere. We were in for a treat…

The walk screamed beauty from the very beginning. Rows and rows of lemon trees, filled with bright yellow fruit, scaled the sides of lush green hillsides. Sunflowers greeted us along the path and I immediately felt like a little school girl wanting to reach out and touch them. We began counting the lizards that scattered amongst our feet and along the cliff but lost count after 5. If we had continued I’m sure we would have encountered well over 100. Not to mention the other wildlife on the walk: butterflies, tadpoles, frogs, dragonflies and my favourite – a donkey!

We hadn’t been walking for long when we stumbled across some old ruins. With no background on their history we began to explore. Tall cement walls were swallowed by overgrown greenery. Fi was brave enough to step inside and start descending some stairs before realising that the ruins were still a home for something else; spiders!

But the highlight of the day was chasing waterfalls. Just off the track we found a small waterfall which splashed into a clear blue swimming hole. I looked over at Fiona and we read each others minds. We quickly changed into our bathers and tip toed into the fresh water. We laughed at each other as we made successful attempts to fight against the flow of water and climb up the rocks into the shallows. It was so much fun! I enjoyed sitting on the rock in the sun, like one of the many lizards we’d seen that day, listening to the water crash behind me. I couldn’t help but quote the famous line from The Castle: “Ah the serenity!”

But that wasn’t our only waterfall for the day. That was just the baby! Not long after leaving our first sight, we found a new pool to play in. I felt like a shampoo model as I pictured myself stepping under the water. But reality struck and I looked a little less elegant, as I stepped under the water only to get pummeled by the strength of the flow. The water was so strong that Fiona almost lost her bather bottoms! It was at this point that we both decided: this was our favourite day of our holiday thus far!

Our 4 hour walk finished with a ridiculous amount of stairs! I’m talking over the thousand! If only I had counted them. All we could think was: “thank goodness we’re not going up!” The tiring descent was all made worthwhile as we were presented with postcard views of the Amalfi coast! The perfect end to an amazing day.

Lisa Jane

3 thoughts on “Amalfi

  1. How beautiful Lisa! Now I will appreciate my favourite and most useful sandals even more because their brand is Amalfi and you have shown me what Amalfi is like. I assume that they weren’t actually made there though. I’ve just noticed the village or city below you two sitting on the wall – fantastic.
    Keep well. Lots of love, Grandpa and Grandma F.


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