Capri and Sorrento

Four months ago Fiona and I started planning our holiday. A day trip to Capri to visit the blue grotto was one of the first things added to the list and today was the day it was going to happen!

The three of us were transferred to the Sorrento marina, where we boarded a small boat with 10 others. With the wind in our hair we jetted off towards the island of Capri.

Once reaching the island we began our journey to the blue grotto. Aside from seeing online photos of the popular attraction we didn’t really know what to expect. In fact none of us had even the slightest clue how long the tour went for!

We were squeezed onto a small boat by our guide Sergio. Sergio was an interesting character to say the least. Despite an elderly couple being next in line, he decided to squeeze us onto his boat with them. I think it had something to do with the fact that he wanted three young Australian girls on his boat. I mean, I could be wrong, but the multiple kisses and “I love you’s” leaves me feeling pretty confident that I’m right.

We all laid down in the boat to avoid hitting our heads on the low cave entrance. As our boat glided into the grotto Sergio ordered us to look behind. We all turned around to see the cave lit up with a glowing blue. It was fascinating (and incredibly hard to take a good photo of)!

We bribed Sergio with a few extra euros to let us dive off the boat into the water. What an experience! Not only was it amazing but it also gave us a chance to escape Sergio’s creepy embrace for three minutes. The water was so salty that it left you feeling weightless. We had fun taking it in turns to use the Go Pro and film us in the blue waters. The extra money was well worth it!

The 5 minute tour of the cave ended all to soon. We (thankfully) said goodbye to Sergio and decided to give the Italian beaches one last go. With the rocks a few degrees cooler than yesterday, we were able to tolerate relaxing by the water while we waited for our boat to pick us up.

One of my favourite parts of the tour was the trip back to Sorrento. We laid down on the front of the boat as we cruised further around the island exploring the ‘Lover’s Arch’s and White Grotto. It was a lovely way to finish our day at Capri.

Arriving back at Sorrento late in the afternoon we decided to explore a secluded swimming spot that I had found in my trip advisor research. Half an hour later we finally arrived at the secret destination. A small water hole surrounded by cliffs with an arched rock creating a gateway to the ocean. It was perfect! Holding a local wine above our head, we swam out to a nearby rock and perched ourselves among the crabs. Before too long our rock became shaded and we decided to go exploring for a new destination.
Climbing upwards we managed to find a sun-fillled field providing views back to town and towards the sea. We poured another glass as we watched the sun begin to set. Beautiful!

We were soon in search of a traditional Italian dinner. We wanted a cute Italian restaurant that screamed “Italy” and that we got! With an accordion player performing traditional Italian music in the background, we ordered (in my newly learnt Italian) a Salami pizza, fresh pasta and octopus salad. It was the perfect way to end our time on the Italian coast.

Lisa Jane. 

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