For day two on the Italian coast we had decided to explore Positano; a small coastal town just south of Amalfi. But first, we made our way to Sorrento and sat ourselves down on a bench in a small side street. We waited excitedly for 5 minutes until she appeared. Lauri, our friend from Melbourne, had come to join us on the coast! We ran towards each other and excitedly started chatting away. There was just so much to catch up on! Thankfully we had the bus trip to Positano to do so.

We perched on a hillside bench to enjoy our lunch (and the views) before deciding to brave the hundreds of steps down to the beach. The water was once again beautiful! Clear blue and incredibly refreshing! However despite this I must admit I’ve been quite disappointed with the beaches in Italy. Hot, black rocks lined the waters edge. This obviously made it terribly uncomfortable (and almost impossible due to the heat) to relax on, not to mention walk on to reach the water’s edge. We awkwardly fell about in pain as we attempted to walk into the water. Looking very ungraceful, we wondered how everyone else made it look so easy. Needless to say, we didn’t last long before we decided it was time for our daily gelato fix.

We were keen for another hike/walk, but unable to find anything less than 7 hours we decided to begin the walk back up the hill in search of a cocktail with a view. And we found one! View and all (Refer to inserted picture below). It was so nice to just sit and chat with a refreshing drink in hand and a view I’ll never forget.

Realising that a bus would be on its way in an hour, we decided to order dinner. Calezone pizza and seafood pasta could now be ticked off our list of Italian foods to try. Buonissimo! But here’s where the real fun of the night began…

Missing our bus by 15 seconds, we had no other choice but to wait for the next. With a lovely view of Positano and the knowing that another bus would be here in an hour we weren’t too upset. An hour passed and the next bus approached. Packed to the brim with tourists the bus driver waved his hands at us, expressing that he was too full and could not pick us up. Our hearts sunk.
Well we didn’t expect that to happen! I nervously looked at the bus timetable, praying that wasn’t the last for the day. An hour and 20 mins until the next! On the plus side at least there was another bus on the way. But on the down side it meant another long wait and that Fiona and I would miss the last train to Vico Equense. But what could you do? There was no point getting upset! Instead we decided to make the most of the situation and treated ourselves to a bottle of wine to share. This certainly helped!
We began contemplating hitch hiking before we were suddenly greeted by the glowing word of “Sorrento” coming up the hill towards us. The next bus was here! And much earlier than expected. At least travelling at 9.30pm had its perks – no traffic!
After finally arriving in Sorrento and saying goodbye to Lauri for the night, Fiona and I headed towards the station in an attempt to find a taxi. The streets were busy with people finishing dinner and enjoying gelato. The late night culture of Europe is so different to that back home, especially when electrical stores are still open at 10.20pm!! Thinking in my head, “Who on earth would require electricals at this time of night,” Fiona stepped in, intrigued by the display of Go Pros in the window.
With a little to-ing and fro-ing of “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” she decided to buy the camera. “It feels like Christmas!” She exclaimed as a smile beamed from ear to ear on her face. However this was not the only exciting event of the night. The salesman then also explained to us that there was a bus to Vico Equense leaving in just 15 minutes. Yes! We didn’t need to get an expensive taxi! Music to the ears of a backpacker!
We couldn’t believe how successful the night had become. It just goes to show how important perceptions and reactions can be. Accepting situations and keeping things positive could just turn a minor disaster into one great night!

Lisa Jane.

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