Sziget Music Festival

Sziget: the Island of Freedom. No place like it you’ll ever see!

But if you’re curious to learn a little, then I invite you to follow me…

I must admit I had some nerves. “Would I survive the seven days?”
But fear was lost and excitement peaked, as the Island drew my gaze.

Step by step we crossed the bridge, which left behind main land.
Transported to a fantasy where all in sight was grand!

Thousands arrived on day one. True happiness shone from each!
The Island provided fun for all. It even had a beach!

Where does one look, when there’s so much to distract?
Magic creatures, street parties and daring circus acts.

The biggest grin grew on my face. “This truly is a sight!”
I said as I saw the stages, which would entertain by night.

We walked across the island until finally I could see.
A familiar bunch of faces; my New Zealand family.

Just a bunch of thirty or so. Our group was easy to spot!
The brightest, craziest and silliest of all. Not easily forgot!

First night saw the rain but this didn’t kill our vibe.
It would take a little more to dampen this amazing tribe.

Die Antwoord and the Chemical Bro’s opened on that night.
Shoulder rides were had by all, others lifted to new heights.

As the night came to an end I returned back to my tent.
Thank God I packed the ear plugs because on the music went!

I woke up with excitement remembering the night before.
How great it was I still had a whole six long nights more!

Every night was different as it brought us fun new acts.
But they’re too hard to rhyme, so let’s break while I give you the facts:

Alright poem aside for now. Let me walk you through who I got to watch perform last week:

Die Antwoord * The Chemical Brother’s * M∅ * Rihanna * Afro Jack * Muse * Sum 41 * Tinie Tempah * David Guetta * Bloc Party * Kaiser Chiefs * Churches * Sia * The Lumineers * Jess Glynne * Hardwell

My surprise favourite act was Tinie Tempah and I fell in love again with The Lumineers. Sia gets the award for providing the best stage show. And I think everyone would agree with me when I say that Rihanna sucked! Making her audience wait 30 minutes, then playing only snippets of her top hits and ending the terrible show with a long rendition of a boring song that no one knew. Lucky the rest were amazing!

Now back to the rhyming…

The music is the focus but not all Sziget provides.
There’s plenty of activities to keep one occupied.

Afro town was certainly a hit, where we danced and played the drum.
You could even do as monkey do and have some slack line fun!

Or perhaps you needed inner peace with a space to simply chill?
You could join in on some yoga or get crafty as you will.

But I have to say Ability Park was our favourite of them all.
We negotiated wheelchairs and attempted blind football.

Now I know you must be thinking: This place is the best on Earth!
Well just to make it even better we celebrated my day of birth.

Surrounded by fun and friends, what better place could I be?
Sziget even added to the day by hosting a color party!

Each day that passed us by saw the group grow more weary.
Let’s just say that by day five most things would make me teary.

But these friends keep you going. They lift you up when you’re coming down.
They’re fun, caring and silly as hell. They’re the best you’ll find around.

If you saw me leave the island on that seventh rainy day.
You wouldn’t recognise the face that firstly came to play.

We left a little broken. We were tired and bleary-eyed.
If I said I could stay one more day, then to you I would have lied.

So until next year I bid farewell to the time that was Sziget.
It was truly the most incredible week that I will surely never forget!

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