That’s a Wrap!

It’s hard to believe that the holiday has come to an end. It feels like time has flown! Yet at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago since leaving London.

70 days ago I set off on the journey of a lifetime. Never had I travelled for so long and to be honest, I was actually a little nervous. Would I get sick of living out of a backpack? Would I miss routine? Am I going to have enough money to support me? But none of these worries bothered me on my journey. In fact, I was the happiest and most carefree I’ve ever been and I could certainly keep going!

I know this seems cliche but I’ve learnt so much from this journey. Mainly about myself. I feel like I’ve changed and thankfully for the better. I won’t bore you with the details but just know that I love the person I’m becoming.

I’m a person of routine. Organised. Ruled by to-do lists. Those who know me will already be aware of this. But for those who don’t, it’s important to know that leaving my routine is completely out of character. Which is why I would like to highlight my new realisation: I love freedom!

I loved not having a routine! I enjoyed not being bound by self-expectations. There were no time frames. No need to rush. I was literally left to live in the NOW. For what felt like the first time in my life I was actually able to focus on what was happening at that exact time. Not what was coming ahead. Just now. And it was incredible.

Never have I been so resilient. A flight would be delayed and we would miss our hotel booking, but instead of surrounding the event with negativity, I thought: “These things happen!” And I would then start to think about what I could do to make the most of the situation. This was certainly a new characteristic for me and I was loving my new mind set.

Now before you all ask, “So where was your favourite place?” Don’t! Because I honestly couldn’t tell you. I loved every single location for it’s own unique reason. Each destination was different and I could never compare one place to another.

By returning to London I thought I’d be upset. I thought I’d be bogged down on the fact that the holiday is over. But I’m not. I can’t help but continue to be so grateful and look back on all the memories with a big cheeky grin!

After all the adventure isn’t over. It’s just paused for a short time. So I’m going to take this paused time to say Thank You! Thank you for reading my stories and coming on a journey with me. The blog was created for this summer holiday but will remain active for each of my upcoming Euro and UK adventures and trust me – there’ll be plenty more!

So if you’re wanting to receive updates on new blog posts remember to ‘Follow’ the blog.

But until then that’s it from me…

Lisa Jane.



One thought on “That’s a Wrap!

  1. Great life learnings Leesey. Thanks for the well written blogs. But most of all, thanks for letting us share part of the adventure with you. (We’ve got lots of great photos and footage from Paree and Provence)


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