“How about Monaco in April?”

“Nope. I’ll be back home.”

“Ok. Vienna in May?”

“Already have plans that weekend.”

“Lisa, we need to go travelling together at least once before I go home. Shall we meet up while you’re in Portugal?”

“We’re there at different times Kev!”

Frustration started building as it dawned on Kev and I that we may never get to go on a European adventure before he returns to Melbourne. After trying to plan a holiday for almost a year Kevin suggested,

“How about the last weekend of September? Prague? It’ll be my last chance before I head back to Melbourne.”

“Yes! I can do that! And I’ve always wanted to visit Prague. Lock it in!”

Finally, my long time Melbourne friend and I were going on an adventure. And we were going to Prague – the most beautiful city in the World! And let me tell you, it certainly lives up to it’s title. But before exploring the city’s beauty we had to get one thing out of the way; the AFL Grand final!

There wasn’t a chance we were going to miss seeing the Doggies in a Final! We were up at 4:30am to travel to our local sports bar where the tired Australians of Prague were surrounded by flat screen TVs mounted on the walls. Enjoying our breakfast and bottomless coffee (much needed) we cheered the Doggies on to victory. What a game! And what a strange feeling to be on such a high, walk out of the darkly lit pub and realise – hold on. Its only 8am. It’s morning. The day has barely be begun. Time to explore!


Despite feeling a little weary we jumped on a tram leading us to the Prazsky Hrad (Prague Castle). It was stunning. I felt like I was in Beauty and the Beast. So grateful to see the complex in it’s Autumn beauty, we explored it’s gardens, cathedrals and best of all it’s views. We awkwardly boosted each other onto a brick wall where we sat and gazed in awe. That was until I noticed the giant rip in Kevin’s jeans. Then we just fell into hysterical laughter.


We made our way down from the castle and entered the old city of Prague. This is where its beauty lies. Standing in the old city square I slowly spun on the spot. Impressive architecture and pastel colours lined each quarter. An old man dressed in a hat and bow tie passionately played the saxophone; the perfect soundtrack for the occasion.


It was in the square of the old city where our walking tour began. The 2.5 hour tour lead us to the famous astronomical clock and the old Jewish quarters. The tour ended with our guide proudly explaining the history of the Czech beer and food. Leaving us mouth watering, Kev and I had no option but to make our way to dinner.

Exhausted we collapsed in a nearby pub, ordered incredibly cheap traditional Czech food and lined ourselves up with a beer tasting board. We sat for hours catching up on London life, Melbourne expectations and everything else in between while I pretended to know how to critique beer.


After our big day of exploring we decided that Sunday needed to be a slow day. And so slow we did. After a nice sleep in we made our way back into town. We walked along the busy Charles Bridge, explored St Nicholas church and took cover from the rain in a cute and cosy bookshop. We even took slow to a whole new level and treated ourselves to a one hour Thai massage. When in Prague…?


But I couldn’t leave Prague without experiencing one thing. The cinnamon chimney cakes. Every corner turned welcomed you with the smell of warm cinnamon and dough. How could we resist? I caved to the Czech tradition as I ordered myself a chimney cake filled with hazelnut ice cream and topped with chocolate and strawberries. I can tell you it tasted even better than it sounds. I know right – how is that possible?


Saying goodbye to Kevin was tough, but knowing I would be back to see him in a year made things easier. How grateful I was that we finally squeezed our European adventure in. And what a trip it was!


Lisa Jane. 


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