The UK Tour. Part 1: Bristol (featuring Bath)

Before we go anywhere I need to say one thing:
Thank you Thank you Thank you for all of your positive feedback and support on my last blog post, “Everything happens for a reason.” For a page that I first began to keep my family in touch with my travels I never expected it to gain such a following. I was overwhelmed with the messages I received from both old and new friends all over the World. So thank you!
Now for those who have been following my journey you’ll be aware of my new spectacular job. Not only does it allow me to follow my dream of treating performers but working for Billy Elliot the musical has me travelling around the UK countryside. So I thought I would take you on a journey around the UK. First stop – Bristol!
I couldn’t have picked a better place to begin my new job. Bristol is the perfect combination of culture and history. It’s hip cafes and graffiti covered walls even give it that Melbourne touch making me feel immediately at home. The small city straddles the River Avon causing the town to be surrounded by harbour. As I crossed the bridges into town I was welcomed with the beautiful view of the stunning Cathedral and Bristol University; two incredible pieces of architecture.
Weekend mornings were spent strolling through local farmers markets to pick up fresh bread, harbour side stalls to sniff home made soaps and antique markets to troll through vintage clothing and articles. One of the highlights of Bristol however was visiting the Clifton suspension bridge, opened in 1864. A bridge so nice I visited twice!
During my time in Bristol I was lucky enough to have my lovely friends visit me. We had a glorious time enjoying wine and cheese, sipping on coffee and climbing towers to reach look outs. Fiona and Johanna were even spoiled with a viewing of the show itself (My fourth for the month)! But the highlight of this weekend was visiting the stunning town of Bath.
Having fallen in love with Bath 5 years ago I couldn’t wait to return to its limestone walls. We were blessed with perfect blue sky and sunshine as we explored the town in all it’s beauty. But first we had one very important stop to make: the Sally Lunn Bun House! Classified as the oldest house in Bath, the Sally Lunn cafe is known for its famous buns, which we devoured with melted cinnamon butter on top!
After a visit to the Jane Austen museum we had one more stop for the morning. It may not be a place high on the point of interest list but I had my reasons. I’ll let the photo below explain. One taken in November 2011 while the other was captured in November 2016. Can you guess which is which? And just a little fun fact: I’m even wearing the same boots!
A visit to Bath wouldn’t be complete without a stop to the thermal hot springs. We enjoyed floating on the roof top spa while the sun streamed down on us. We talked about how lucky we were to be sharing these experiences and then excitedly discussed the future world of one day returning home and buying our own house (yes Mum and Dad – I will be home one day!)
To finish off our perfect Sunday we had to sit down to a perfect Sunday roast; a tradition I managed to maintain for my entire Bristol stay. Bellies stuffed, we walked to the bus station where we said our goodbyes. Saying goodbye to the girls was tough – I miss them so much! But I was comforted by the fact that I would see them again in 2 weeks when my time in Bristol ended.
Leaving Bristol was sad and came all too quickly. I will always remember it as where I first began this crazy adventure and will forever hold fond memories of my time there. But next we were off to Manchester and I couldn’t wait!
Lisa Jane

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