Even in the morning’s darkness I could tell that Edinburgh was filled with beauty! I stepped off the overnight bus from Manchester and made my way through the quiet streets of this Scottish city. I could see shadows of monuments and historical buildings as I walked up a cobble street hill towards my hostel. I already knew that one day was not going to be long enough for this visit.

After freshening up I stepped back outside to be greeted by daylight. All I could think was, “I wish I could stay here longer.” But me being me I crammed as much as I possibly could into one day. I had a busy day ahead of me and so immediately made my way towards Holyrood park to begin the hike up Arthur’s Seat.

I had definitely overestimated how cold the weather would be. I started unravelling my layers as I made my way up the steep hill. After getting a little lost and taking myself off pist I finally reached the top. I was greeted with an icey gust of wind to the face and 360 degree views of green hills, blue seas and snow capped peaks.

While I was here I couldn’t help but have one of those moments. All I could think was how lucky I was. How incredible that I have the opportunity to take off by myself for a day and visit a new and exciting city. I was on the complete opposite side of the world to my home. I was alone. In a foreign place. I felt so adventurous! I tried to think if this was something that the “pre-London Lisa” would have done. And while I thought about this I realised that I couldn’t recall a time I had really visited anywhere alone. Even within my own country. I like this new side of me.

People often say to me, “you’re so brave for travelling solo.”

“Am I?” Is how I will usually respond.

I guess it’s all relative to your own experiences. I don’t feel brave for doing what I do. I never feel scared or worried or that I need to muster up any confidence. I have an urge to travel and explore. And so I follow that dream. That’s all.

I continued with these thoughts as I made my way back towards town. Next on the busy agenda was Edinburgh Castle. I enjoyed listening to the stories of the prisoners of war and admiring the Crown Jewels but to be honest, after you’ve seen the tower of London all other castles seem less exciting. So I made a move from here quite quickly.

With about two hours left of daylight I decided to simply wander the streets and take in the Scottish atmosphere. I poked my head into the café where J.K Rowling spent time writing the all famous Harry Potter, smiled at the talented bag pipe player, enjoyed shortbread biscuits and walked the Royal Mile.

I had really enjoyed my day on my own. I got to see exactly what I wanted and when. But once night time hits that’s when you could really do with some company! So after failing to find some live music to enjoy I instead decided to take myself to the cinemas to spend time with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day.

Edinburgh I’ll certainly be back…

Lisa Jane.

One thought on “Edinburgh

  1. Congratulations Lisa and keep on enjoying your experiences. We’ve been very social lately and it hasn’t left us with much spare time. Kathy and Bruce leave for a short holiday to W.A. on Wednesday.
    Lots of love from Grandma & Grandpa F.


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