Vienna. I’ve never seen a place more grand! Around every corner is a surprise. Something more spectacular than the last. And to add to it’s beauty, Vienna was covered in white. We couldn’t have timed our visit more perfectly. How lucky we were to witness this city in it’s ultimate winter beauty.


With just a short stay in Austria we decided to start our stay with a walking tour. We trekked around Vienna learning about its history (something I had very little knowledge on prior to our visit) and admiring the stunning architecture. But I’m going to cut to the chase – unless you’re a tourist who loves museums, art galleries and has the money to do so, then Vienna probably isn’t for you. Unfortunately I’m one to fall in that category. So although I enjoyed wandering the streets I didn’t completely fall in love. But I am going to fill you in on two little things that I did love about my stay in Vienna…




Of course the first thing I fell in love with was food. Standard Lisa behaviour. But how could you go past a traditional Austrian wiener schnitzel? We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to steal the last available table for the evening. All I could think was, “How good is this?!” A schnitzel literally bigger than my head!! It was the best I had ever had. And of course why wouldn’t it be when you’re eating at the oldest schnitzel establishment in Vienna? With over 100 years of service it doesn’t surprise me that they’ve perfected the three times fried dish (something I thankfully learnt after finishing my meal)!! Not wanting to leave a single bit on the plate we all demolished our meals before rolling our way home.



And now for the highlight of the trip…..ICE SKATING!! Of course it was only natural that three girls who used to go to weekly Ice hockey games found themselves a rink to play on. But not just any old rink. Only the best ice rink you’ll ever see!! With the stunning town hall as the background to our winter playground we skated around on not one but three different rinks, which were connected by intertwining paths and roundabouts. We darted around giant snow globes and polar bears and chased each other down the decline ramps. And the best part – there was no time limit! So what better way to make the most of the fun then by sticking our skates in a locker, continuing our travels around town and then coming back to slide around in the evening? We couldn’t wipe the smiles off of our faces. Beautiful fairy lights lit up our stage as we attempted to trial our best figure skating moves (before we got asked to “please keep your shoes on the ice”). If it weren’t for the ache in our feet we would have stayed there all night long…


A wonderful winter experience to end my short little holiday away!

Lisa Jane 

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