The Tattoo

I still remember it so clearly!  I remember the exact street I was walking on, the people I was with and the cold, wet weather.
“I want to get a bird. Right here,” I said as I pointed towards my left wrist. “Just a small one. Flying free.” It had to be flying. It had to represent how I had felt at that exact time. Completely and utterly free!
As I flew into the UK I felt a new sensation. A wonderful feeling of freedom. No one here knew who I was. I had nothing tying me down. No walls  and no boundaries. Having never felt like this before I felt a sudden surge of opportunity. So many dreams and ideas came floating into my mind. It was so exciting!
I’ve always felt that to be happy in life I needed to be a high achiever. I was forever setting myself goals. Expectations to meet. And to achieve that I felt like I had to be the perfect version of myself every single day. But looking back Ive realised that it was actually at these times that I’ve been my unhappiest.
This was how I lived life back home. I felt I had to abide by strict routines to achieve as much as possible in one day. And I guess that’s why I’m a little scared to go home. Because all I can think about is that lifestyle. I think back to how things were before I moved away and I panic because I don’t want to live like that again. But recently it hit me. Just because I’m going home doesn’t mean I have to return to that way of living. Why not take my new life approach back with me? So I decided to get myself a reminder.
I know it seems silly to rely on a tattoo to remind us of certain themes and behaviours. But let’s be honest, how easily do we all get caught up in our own world? I think we’re all culprits of getting swept up in our own small problems that we forget to be grateful and look at the bigger picture of life.
So I finally did it! I imprinted a small bird on my left wrist. A symbol of freedom. To have no walls, no chains. The outlook I have on life now is completely different to any other I’ve had before. And I got here by letting go. It didn’t happen overnight. And to be honest it’s something I’m still working on. But having the ability to let go, be resilient and go with the flow is a way of life that I could certainly get used to. And simply because it makes me happy. The happiest! And this tiny little bird on my wrist is here to remind me of that. And I hope it’s helped to remind you too. Be free my friends…
Lisa Jane.

6 thoughts on “The Tattoo

  1. Love this post Leesey. In my prayer room every morning I look out the window to the big Warrnambool sky and just let the birds fly by. That has been my prayer meditation. Let the birds fly by.

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  2. Our family quote is from Strictly Ballroom. “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.”

    No one should live their life in the hope of being happy. Instead that is what we should strive for. The opportunity to do what makes us happy.

    When you come back to Oz – you can choose to be happy and free. Just like you have been in Europe.

    Love you girly girl.


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  3. That’s my philosophy too Lisa but John’s is for the routine emphasis. Perhaps it’s as well to have the opposites in partnership so long as each respects the other’s right to see things differently and organize their lives differently. Of course compromise is the name of the game but so is “to thine own self be true”. It’s also good to know about brain plasticity. This is hastily put into words I must confess. Good on you for having an open mind.Lisa.
    Lots of love from Grandma Betty

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