See Ya Billy!

I still can’t believe it. Despite it all coming to an end, I still can’t believe how lucky I’ve been. Nine months ago I was handed the best job in the world. It was literally handed to me. As if all the parallels of my universe perfectly aligned at once to allow me this opportunity. And when people asked me what I did for a living, I had to pinch myself. Like it’d all been some kind of dream. That’s what this job was. A dream. And I’ll never forget how incredible my time with Billy Elliot the Musical was.

I immediately fell in love. With the show. With my colleagues. And with my job. I still remember how excited I was on my first day and how it was just a breeze to get along with everyone. I couldn’t get over how lovely and outgoing they all were. I remember thinking how strange it was that although I had literally just met these people, they all felt so familiar. I just felt at home.

Working for Billy has been like no other job. The people you work with aren’t just your colleagues. Yes you work together, but you also live and socialise together. Every. Single. Day. So naturally you become a family. Which is great – of course! But as a Physio, having to tell your family member that their injury is going to temporarily stop them from doing what they love…that’s tough! And was probably the hardest part of my job. Well, until last night it was the toughest part of my job, because last night just got to a whole new level. And that was because the day had finally come to say goodbye.

So for the fourteenth and final time I watched Billy Elliot the Musical. I silently recited word for word each scene and song, I laughed at all the same jokes that I normally do and I sobbed the whole way through. But mostly I was proud as hell to be part of an incredible company and an amazing show. And to call each and every person up there my friend and my family.

So to close the end of this chapter in my life I’m gonna sign out with the closing line from the show. Thanks for the all of the incredible, life long memories.


“See ya Billy!”

Curtain drops.

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