My Five Hot Tips for Visiting Santorini

I was completely weightless, floating in the warmth of the sun. I could see my bright pink toe nails poking just above the water. A smile rested on my face as I slowly breathed in and out. How incredible was this? I sat myself up in the water and gazed at the beautiful white cliffs, bordering the bay. As I looked below the water, I could see the perfect tinge of blue overlaying my feet. I couldn’t believe I was in Santorini – a place I had always dreamt of visiting.

Now I’m not going to lie – I had always pictured myself going there with a man! We would be on some romantic getaway, going to fancy restaurants and drinking expensive wine. But, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to picture my trip any other way than how I did it – with my girls, sleeping in a cheap hostel and sharing bottles of three euro wine. It was the perfect start to my European summer holiday.

Ok, so here comes hot tip number one!…

Never. I repeat, never, rely on the buses! Yes, they may get you where you need to be, however if you’re hoping to arrive somewhere on time then I would either:

1. Allow copious amounts of time or

2. Hire yourself a quad bike.

Which brings me to hot tip number two…

Hire a quad bike!!! This was certainly one of the highlights of our stay. Yes, things can be a little stressful initially as you’re reminded of the day you first learnt to drive, combined with your first time riding a bike, combined with your first time driving on the opposite side of the road. But once you get the hang of things, I can guarantee you will feel like the ultimate bad ass with your very own bikie gang! 

If you plan on visiting some of the more secluded beaches and lookouts, then these bad boys are a necessity. We used them to hop between the red and white beaches, as well as reach the stunning lighthouse lookout, where we clambered over rocks to get the ultimate views.

As the sun began to set, we made our way on the bikes up the winding cliff side. I watched the girls riding ahead of me. We would round a corner to be hit in the face with the hot sun. Johanna coolly sat on the back of her bike looking out over the sea, her hair blowing in the wind. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I thought about how lucky I was to be with my girls in Greece! Eventually, we reached our destination: Oia, which brings me to hot tip number three…!

Have you ever pictured yourself capturing the perfect photo of the Santorini sunset? You know, the one with the white bulidings and the blue domes in the background? EThe one everyone seems to get one when they visit Santorini… right? Right?

Wrong! How on earth do people achieve this?! Let me tell you, unless you’re one of the fancy lot who pre-booked a nice restaurant or unless you arrive hours before sunset to claim the best photo posi then I can guarantee you’re going to be amongst hundreds aiming to get that picture-perfect photo. It was actually quite comical. I purely enjoyed watching people stressfully push past crowds and clamber over walls to get the best spot. Some even made it on top of roofs! So, my recommendation…wait for the crowds to disperse. Wait until people think the main event is over, then boom! Scurry on in (with your 3 scoops of ice cream) and enjoy the bright orange colours as they meet the dark blue of the night sky. It was the prettiest sky I think I’ve ever seen.

Alternatively, if you prefer to capture a sunset without the crowds and without the high expense then you need to visit Santo Wines, which brings me to my fourth Santorini hot tip…

After booking a table at Santo Wines, we found ourselves sitting on couches by the glass edge of the winery. We honestly couldn’t believe our luck! Isn’t this where the rich people sat? Well, clearly not, because we were able to order two incredible sharing platters and three glasses of wine each – all within our budget! It was my favourite evening in Santorini, by far. We even got to witness a proposal, which brings me to my fifth and final hot tip…

If you’re recently single DON’T take yourself to Santorini. Unless you’re planning on doing some kind of intense post-break up immersion therapy, then don’t do it to yourself. I could only imagine what a recently single girl would go through witnessing the hundreds of couples on their romantic getaways especially where a good 10-20% have the intention of getting engaged. Thank goodness I couldn’t be happier being there with my two best friends…

Lisa Jane. 

7 thoughts on “My Five Hot Tips for Visiting Santorini

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips!
    I am planning a trip to Santorini myself. I am wondering, how far in advance did you book your table at Santo Wines? And how did you book the table? How many days did you stay in Santorini?


    1. We booked our table the morning of! Easy to do by phoning the restaurant. If you’re staying at a hotel or hostel you could even ask them to call for you. And we stayed for four nights, which I thought was ideal – enough time to explore but relax at the same time! Enjoy – it’s beautiful!


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