Bled, Slovenia.

I stepped onto the terrace of our hostel and was immediately blown away. Having arrived in the evening, I was yet to witness the true beauty that is Bled. I instantly felt refreshed (a welcomed feeling after our week long music festival in Budapest). My eyes were drawn to the beautiful church standing in the centre of town. Its tall, white steeple stood out against the bright green mountains in the background. I peered over the edge and looked down at the thin, winding street that led to the town centre. As I did, a horse and carriage leisurely trotted past. I felt as though I was inside a fantasy! But I had seen nothing yet…

I fell in love with the colours of Slovenia. It felt as though everywhere I looked was the colour green and blue. Perfect green and blue. 

The colour of the incredible Lake Bled – blue. We hired a rickety little row boat from a crazy Slovenian lady and rowed our way to the island in the middle. There, on top of the small island, was a church. Oh, and an ice cream shop, which, let’s be honest, was the main purpose for our rowing mission. 

Highly recommend hiring a row boat from Camp Bled for 10-15 euros/hour

The colour of the surrounding mountains and trees – green. We hiked to the famous view point of Ojstrica and were welcomed with a stunning view overlooking the lake, island and surrounding mountains. Green and blue. Perfect.

Ojstrica lookout – approximately 15-20mins walk from the main road

With thunderstorm warnings for the following day, we decided to venture to Lake Bohinj early and escape the rain. We caught the local bus to Bohinj, where we started our Saturday morning hike. It took the three of us just over an hour to reach the famous A-frame waterfall: Slap Savica. What facinated me most was the colour of the pool at the bottom. It was incredible! A beautiful mix of – you guessed it – green and blue! I had never seen anything like it before.

I found the walk back down the mountain and along the lake therapeutic. We all walked in silence – my mind in another world. I found myself in a complete day dream, thinking about my future. It’s hard not to be inspired when you’re surrounded by such beautiful scenery. Green and blue scenery. Suddenly, I was brought back to the present by the feeling of a rain drop on my skin. One. Two. They began to fall faster and heavier. Instinctively I reached for my poncho, but then stopped. Instead, I decided to enjoy the feeling of the refreshing summer rain. 

As each day passed, we started to feel ourselves again. Strength began to return and finally we felt able to sign up for something adventurous – canyoning! Now for those who haven’t heard of canyoning before, here it is in brief. With the help of a guide, the aim is to make your way through a canyon by completing a series of jumps, slides and repels. In other words – a whole heap of fun!

We started with a four metre jump into a small pool of water. There was that moment of hesitation, where you sift through all the dangerous outcomes of the jump, before pushing the fears aside with a thought of “what the hell!” I jumped from the ledge, ensuring to leap forward to escape the rock jutting out below. Boom! Nothing like a bit of fresh cold water to completely take the breath away. Literally!

After that, it was all laughs and cheers as we repelled down waterfalls, slid down natural slippery slides and zoomed on zip lines. It was an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a bit of adventure! If you’re visiting Bled, make sure to see the team at Altitude Activities – they were incredible! The value for money is amazing and we were lucky enough to enjoy our own personal tour.

We completed our time in Bled with an early morning walk to Vintgar Gorge. A word of advice – get there early! The gates open at 8am and by 9am they’re already swarming with tourists. We managed to sneak our way in before the crowds and it was glorious! We followed the boardwalk through the gorge and around rocky cliffs. Again, we were blown away by the colour of the crystal blue water and fascinated by the waterfalls. There’s just something so interesting about fast, flowing water throwing itself over rocks. 

After leaving the gorge, we wandered through the streets of the local town. I was again reminded of my initial impression of Bled – a fantasy land! Every house was so beautiful. Tall wooden houses with slanted roofs. Every garden pristine. Every front yard filled with homegrown fruit and vegetables. Locals leisurely walked the streets greeting their neighbours. And for the last time as I walked the streets of Bled, I saw them. The beautiful green of the freshly cut grass and bright blue of the sky above. Green and blue. Perfect green and blue. The colours of Slovenia. 

Lisa Jane.

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