One Year Later.

I’m going to admit it. I have attempted to write this blog at least 167 times! Ok – that may be an exaggeration, but honestly, this has been the hardest piece to write yet. Every single time I tried, I ended up staring blankly at my screen. Sometimes I managed to get out a few … More One Year Later.

Brilliant Bordeaux

I’ve always been a girl to save the best for last and this holiday was no exception. Initially, I had planned to visit Sweden or Norway but, my heart kept drawing me back to France. It would be my fourth time in this wonderful country and I was excited to try somewhere new. With its … More Brilliant Bordeaux


Auschwitz. The very sound of it makes you feel empty inside. A horrible word that symbolises terror, genocide and the Holocaust. I had heard stories before. Seen movies. But nothing compares to the feeling of standing within the grounds of Auschwitz. It was difficult to imagine that here, in a place that’s now so quiet … More Auschwitz.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: “No Hard Feelings”

Bosnia and Herzegovina – it’s not commonly considered a tourist destination. In fact, many people questioned my decision to visit such a place. Of course, why wouldn’t they? For most, Bosnia is associated with devastating images from a war only ending 20 years ago. But today, more and more backpackers are venturing to Bosnia with … More Bosnia and Herzegovina: “No Hard Feelings”