Paros, Greece

Paros. It sounds a bit like paradise, doesn’t it? Well,  that’s what I think anyhow. And, although the translation itself means nothing of the sort, it’s how I would describe this Greek island. Paradise. It was bliss! The perfect balance of vibrant streets and relaxing beaches. We immediately fell in love as we wandered along … More Paros, Greece


Vienna. I’ve never seen a place more grand!¬†Around every corner is a surprise. Something more spectacular than the last. And to add to it’s beauty, Vienna was covered in white. We couldn’t have timed our visit more perfectly. How lucky we were to witness this city in it’s ultimate winter beauty. With just a short … More Vienna


Berlin. It’s not the first time I’ve been and it certainly won’t be the last. A city filled with so much history, so much pain and loss. It’s just too much to take in over a few days. I’ve been told that many Germans don’t like Berlin. They say it’s dirty and lacks beauty. But … More Berlin.