Bled, Slovenia.

I stepped onto the terrace of our hostel and was immediately blown away. Having arrived in the evening, I was yet to witness the true beauty that is Bled. I instantly felt refreshed (a welcomed feeling after our week long music festival in Budapest). My eyes were drawn to the beautiful church standing in the … More Bled, Slovenia.

Paros, Greece

Paros. It sounds a bit like paradise, doesn’t it? Well,  that’s what I think anyhow. And, although the translation itself means nothing of the sort, it’s how I would describe this Greek island. Paradise. It was bliss! The perfect balance of vibrant streets and relaxing beaches. We immediately fell in love as we wandered along … More Paros, Greece

See Ya Billy!

I still can’t believe it. Despite it all coming to an end, I still can’t believe how lucky I’ve been. Nine months ago I was handed the best job in the world. It was literally handed to me. As if all the parallels of my universe perfectly aligned at once to allow me this opportunity. … More See Ya Billy!

The Tattoo

I still remember it so clearly!  I remember the exact street I was walking on, the people I was with and the cold, wet weather. “I want to get a bird. Right here,” I said as I pointed towards my left wrist. “Just a small one. Flying free.” It had to be flying. It had … More The Tattoo